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Todaytec is a world class company

Issue Time:2017-06-26

Todaytec is a global supplier of thermal transfer ribbons.  Recognized as the leading manufacturer of TTR in China, Todaytec currently enjoys business in over 60 countries with a focused effort in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.  Started in 2002, Todaytec has been awarded several patents and is responsible for the China National Standard for TTR.  In 2009, Todaytec began producing , warehousing and shipping quality products to North America from its Charlotte, NC based converting facility. Afterwards, Todaytec make glocalization as a basic strategy, having successively established subsidiary of Todaytec US - West Coast, Todaytec UK, Todaytec India, Todaytec Mexico, Todaytec Canada, Todaytec Brzail, to provide TTR local services for 4.1 billion people in the world.

Todaytec is committed to growth and profitability for our valued customers.  With quality OEM specified ribbons, excellent customer service, outside sales support and the most attractive pricing in the industry, Todaytec will help YOU grow your business and be successful in the TTR marketplace. 

Todaytec is a world class company and understands that product quality, dedicated people and the commitment to customer growth is what drives success!  Todaytec has a wealth of industry experience in R&D, TTR manufacturing, product development and customer service.  We look forward to growing your TTR business and becoming a part of the Todaytec global family!

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